Creationist BINGO
Programmed by Christopher Bair
I'll believe in evolution when X gives birth to Y
Only intelligence creates intelligence
Can't falsify evolution
Quote mine
Carbon dating unreliable
My ancestors weren't X
Holy book is true
Evolution says we came from rocks
Evolution is faith/religion
Mutations are always deleterious
Scientist X was creationist
Non-cosmology point disproves Big Bang
X is too complex for chance
Creationism is science
No transitional fossils
Tornado in junkyard making a 747
One scientist disagrees, therefore science is wrong
Looks designed, therefore designer
Scientific conspiracy
False dichotomy
No one's witnessed evolution
Evolution caused atrocities
Evolution's probability too impossible



The card above is dynamically generated when someone views this page. With your favorite screen-capping software and editing tools, cap the above and save the card where you can access it while browsing Twitter. When you find someone who tweets one of the items above (use your discretion on whether the tweet meets any of the above phrases or terms), reply to that tweet, making sure to @mention the offender and copy the word or words that triggered your square being marked. Only one square may be counted per tweet, and no changing your mind! Make sure to mark your screen-capped card's square (circle it, color it in with a fill, whatever your heart desires) and include it as an image in your reply. When you reach any BINGO, announce that at the beginning of your replying tweet. Then grab your next card here.

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